What is the the best kept secret about success!?!?

It is solely in YOUR control. YOU define your success. It’s not an actual tangible product you can buy off the shelf. It is a personal, professional and spiritual arrival!

All my life I wanted to be “successful.” Everyone does. However, at times it feels like success is nothing more than an impossible goal that you’ll never achieve. Unless you specifically DEFINE what success is to you. Not your parents. Not your boss. Not your teachers. You alone can embody true success in your life.

I always seemed to fall short. I never felt successful because I didn’t clearly define my own success. I was busy trying to be what others wanted me to be. I was following someone else’s definition of success.

Once you determine what goal YOU will feel successful achieving the next step is developing a plan to reach it. WORK BACKWARDS. What are the exact steps you need to take from this moment on? Take time to truly research and clearly understand what is necessary. If you realize the action necessary is not aligned with your core values and work ethic it’s time to redefine what “success” will be. IT IS BETTER TO KNOW NOW THAT YOU ARE DOOMED FROM THE START.

Understand life is never easy. Reality is a cruel teacher. However, setting short term goals to achieve your ultimate definition of success allows your journey to get progressively easier. Take it one step at a time. You need small victories to recharge your motivational batteries. Celebrate EVERY one of them. REWARD yourself along the way. Never lose sight of what you’re doing and more importantly why you began in the first place.

I am looking forward to your celebration of success my friends. Make it happen!