Imagine a world without you in it.

What is it missing?

I was recently working with a marketing expert and she was asking me what goals I had and what message I was trying to communicate to my audience.

This got me digging deeper into what I was truly trying to say to others. If I had to summarize my personal philosophy and share it with the world, what would it be?

Ralph Waldo Emerson has a poem that has always spoke to me. My grandfather had it hanging in his office. A few weeks after he passed away I was visiting my grandma and saw it. I immediately became overwhelmed at how the poem truly spoke to how my grandfather’s life effected and influenced me.

The poem talks about what it means to be successful. Although there are multiple things I want to accomplish in my life, the closing line is what I truly want out of life…

“…to find the best in others…to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived this is to have succeeded.”

I have much I want to do and hopefully much more time to do it. However, the question I keep asking myself now is, “Are my actions helping others lives become easier?”

When the answer is “yes” I know my actions are in line with my mission in life.

My challenge to you my fellow leaders is to ask yourself this same question. Are your actions helping others succeed? If so, your life will be a true success.

Looking forward to the lives you will help breath easier.

Enjoy the day my friends!