What did you give up?

What life did you say goodbye to in order to be where you are today?

Are you holding onto that life when you shouldn’t?

Are you better off today then you were then?

What dream DID NOT come true? Is your life better off now that your dream didn’t become reality?

A friend of mine stated as we were leaving an event tonight, “Sorry I didn’t want to leave. That was a big part of my life in there. My old life.”

He and I were soon joking about how our “new lives” were better off; however, the old life we always wanted still holds a permanent piece of us forever. Some things never stop making you miss them. Those times helped mold who we are.

My old life was that of a “starving artist” singing and song writing in a rock band. I still get chills watching other bands play live and still imagine what might have been. What fun we had. So many memories my old band-mates and I still laugh and reflect on. However, who I was then was not who I was meant to be. I was immature, ignorant, and at times just plain stupid.

What I learned thus far is that certain dreams can seem like the right path for us, but in reality they were merely a stepping stone for a better life ahead.

In the moment we all experience failures and set backs that we feel we will never recover from. One of my favorite quotes helps me put much of life into perspective, “Success is a journey not a destination. It is a lifetime committment.”

Take a moment to reflect on a failure in your life that seemed like it was the “end of the world” for you. Are you better off because of it? Have you achieved success you never thought was possible as a result of being FORCED to pick up the pieces and start over again?

Make it a point to realize that all success stories begin with one epic failure that changes the direction of your life. At that time you will come to a fork in the road. Don’t waste your time dwelling on which way is right or wrong. The direction you take is not right or wrong; however, it is simply different.

No success story can ever begin a new chapter until the old one is finished.

Nothing is over. It’s only the beginning.

May today be that day for all of us. Let’s keep writing the greatest success story the world has ever known.

Enjoy the day my friends.