Hello my fellow leaders!!!

I read a book called #ASKGARYVEE and it has changed my life. It also got me motivated to take an idea I’ve had and put it into action. My wife and I ordered Chinese Food recently and the fortune I got from my cookie was, “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

It has become one of my favorite quotes to fall back on when the going gets tough. It is so easy to be trapped by the current stress and anxiety of the moment that we forget that it is only temporary. This inspired the #ibbfortunate video series that we launched today.

The concept is simple. My business partner Gary and I both have been extremely blessed to be where we are in life. However, it was BECAUSE we were fortunate. Fortunate to have family and friends who supported us through the good and bad.

In addition to that we now have clients, mentors, and community partners that have continued to inspire us. At times we may not have believed in ourselves, but their belief in us kept us going.

Our hope is that these short videos bring you some motivation to face the day and some laughter at us trying to figure out how to make, upload, and edit videos. Please excuse our lack of film expertise. 🙂

The #ibbfortunate series is for you the IBB Nation and everyone who we owe for being there for us all these years.

Watch the video, subscribe to our channel, and have a few laughs on our behalf!!

Enjoy the day my friends!