If you were able to ask “Iron” Mike Tyson one question, what would it be???

I found myself with this opportunity last weekend.

What should I ask!!???

My thoughts bounced back and forth in my head on what I should ask; however, I finally decided on my “default” question I’ve been asking successful people for as long as I can remember.

I asked, “Iron Mike, what has made you successful throughout your life? What can we learn from your experience?

Iron Mike responded with these words of wisdom…

It’s the desire to succeed in life. Do not give up just because there are obstacles in the road. Hard times fall upon anybody. I don’t care if you’re the poorest guy in the world or you’re the richest guy in the world. You’re going to experience some precarious quagmires in life and adversity. No one is going to get out of here free. No one is going to die without experiencing any pain. That makes us who we are. It allows us to become adults and to mature. It’s just the way it is. Over time we have to become grown men and women. And nothing does it better than pain.

… I was smiling ear to ear by the time he was done answering me. First because I actually got to converse with THEE Iron Mike Tyson! Secondly, because I thought to myself, “Did he read my blog Pain is Good??? ” (Clearly he didn’t…yet).

Are you experiencing pain right now in your life? Good!! Fight through it. It will get better.

I have always believed this and now my fellow leaders you have Iron Mike Tyson’s word to back it up! Check out my previous blog Pain is Good for more on turning pain into success.

Enjoy the day!

– James Schleicher