I found myself sprinting through the Houston airport with a Baconator in one hand and a Starbucks iced caramel mocciato in the other.

Oh what a rough life we live, right?

The first flight to Cleveland was cancelled. My wife and I boarded the third flight attempt and buckled in. We were about to take off when the pilot announced over the loud speaker,  “The flight to Cleveland has been cancelled.”

At this point I realized all the important plans I had made were for nothing. All my attempts at efficiency and effectiveness were lost.

My American dream of having my plans and drinking Starbucks too had failed.

When we were told we didn’t have a seat on the flight and our bags were en route to Cleveland without us I took a step back and saw people nearly knocking each other over to try to get a seat for the l last flight of the day.

I realized we all take the conveniences of our lives for granted. Everyone was ready to let their fellow traveler be stranded as long as it meant they got what they wanted.

Kindness was only present when it was convenient. My challenge to you my fellow leaders is to take a step back and truly think about who you have steamrolled recently because it was inconvenient to exercise human kindness. Then admit it and apologize to them.

Enjoy the day my friends!

– James Schleicher