Are you being honest with your clients?? Are you being honest with yourself???

This is something that should be common sense; however, the business world is filled with stories of cheating to win. In a cut throat world it is easy to be swept up in the nonsense and competition of business. We find ourselves watching others success with jealousy, contempt, and dollar signs in our eyes. It’s human nature to want what we don’t have.

So is honesty the best policy? Can the truth survive in a business world full of liars and cheats?

Brian Fletcher says, “Yes!” He has run multiple businesses, grown his real estate holdings, and grown his full time career in Nutrition by simply being honest with others. Throughout the years he has begun new business ventures and has found continuous success implementing his top three keys to success.

From my own experience in business I’ve realized that if you are not honest your success will never be permanent. I’ve watched hundreds of business men and women try to use dishonesty to short cut hard work. NEWS FLASH!!!! It will NEVER last. In business you have to be able to build on your initial relationships. Trust takes years to build, but only seconds to lose.

For more on being honest and fighting your feelings to lie and cheat check out PragerU‘s short education videos. They have helped me stay focused on how I’m communicating and acting among my fellow leaders.

Also make sure to tune in as”Fletch” shares his top three tips for career and business success in his #ibbtop3 video…

  1. Honesty
  2. Organization
  3. Passion


My fellow leaders please take Fletch’s advice and put it into action. Ask yourself what elements of honesty, organization, and passion are needed for your ultimate success.

Enjoy the day my friends and make it happen! 🙂