What does it take to proudly wear your countries colors?

How do you approach your life and career like a self-made olympian???

Team USA’s Michael Mannozzi shares his 3 keys to success!! Enjoy!


1. Faith – “Without my faith in God I would not have the perspective on life and success that I have. I am still very human and do not think I am above others because of my faith and success in athletics; however, it’s helped keep me from going down the wrong paths in life. I see faith as guidance, not perfection. Having a strong sense of faith always gives you a way out when there’s seems to be none. Ultimately, it has effected the outcome on all aspects of my life.”

2. Feedback – “You need to have honest, but respectful feedback. However, it needs to be from people who care about your success. Friends, family, coaches, etc. can be your “accountability buddies.” I’ve had to work on my timeliness. My coach has helped me change this for the better. He’s forced me to prepare and execute more effectively and efficiently. My wife is a great source of inspiration and has helped me become more accountable as well. Being held accountable is one of the most important aspects of improving and reaching your goals. You need someone to tell you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. The best way to prepare for the future is to learn from our own experiences as well as the experiences of others.”

3. Follow Your Gut – “Sometimes we have to pursue things that we feel called to do, even though the world around us may not understand, agree with or care about. You have to get what you feel you’re worth. You don’t get time back. Eventually we’ll all have lost the opportunity to chase certain dreams and goals we have. People may never congratulate you or encourage you; however, you’re worth it and you need pursue what you feel is. right. A friend of mine is a Vietnam veteran and fell out of a helicopter. For him he lost the ability to do certain things physically. Don’t waste your physical and mental skills and talents. He always tells me, ‘There’s no luggage racks on a hearse. You can’t take it with you.’ He’s helped me realize that to follow my dream I need to sacrifice and take advantage of what is possible now. Otherwise I’ll lose the opportunity and never get it back.”


Michael wanted to thank his family, friends, sponsors and fans that have continued to support his relentless efforts to be the best he can be. His sponsors include…

Local Sponsors: Pizza Joe’s

Regional/National international sponsors: Achilles running Shop, The Shore Athletic Club, Powerbar, and Ontario Race walkers.

Supports/clubs:  Youngstown Road runners, Davis Family YMCA, New Albany Walking Club, TeamRunning2Win.com, Road ID, Mizuno Running Canada, Boardman Booster Club, Notre Dame College.

My challenge to you my fellow leaders is to put these 3 keys to success into action in your own life. They might all mean something different to everyone; however, they will get you on the right track for achieving your goals.

Thanks again to Michael for spending some time with us and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say…



— James Schleicher