Have you been staring into the abyss of what “might be” for your success?

Has your business plateaued? Or even worse, is your business declining?

Are you terrified of taking that next step into the unknown?

My friends, crossing the invisible bridge of success is all that stands between you and continued growth.

The IBB Book of the Month is The Supernova Advisor by Rob Knapp.

The book begins describing the scene where Indiana Jones is faced with having to cross over an invisible bridge in order to achieve his ultimate goal. Check out the video here!

Although this book is geared towards a specific industry. It offers strategies that all business practices can adopt based on their unique needs and goals.

3 Key Ideas…

1. Your level of service is your brand.

2. A leap of faith is always required to create positive change.

3. Effectiveness is a habit. (You must contract before you can truly expand.)


Businesses require the accumulation of clients. However, for every new client you now have an additional responsiblity. I have heard many businesses promote segmenting clients into “A” clients, “B” clients and “C” clients based on the amount of business they have with you. Knapp instead promotes the idea that your level of service is in fact the brand of your company. True service is not how well you treat your largest client; however, it is how well you treat your smallest client.

I firmly believe that we all must treat others how we want to be treated. Regardless of how big or small our clients are they deserve the same respect and treatment because they are the most important part of our business. Our clients work hard and deserve our best. As Rotary International says, Service above Self.

Leap of Faith

Attempting something we have never done before is terrifying. The fear of failure holds us back in so many aspects of life and business. Knapp uses the Indiana Jones example to prove that what we need to do is take a leap of faith in order to achieve new levels of success. In order to get what we’ve never had we must do what we’ve never done. 

Habit of Effectiveness

Effectiveness does not happen on accident. Our natural tendencies drive us to take the easy way out. However, running a business requires us to make difficult decisions and attempt some of the hardest tasks we’ve ever had to face. I have always said that business gets easier, but it will never be easy. Knapp says that in order to achieve greater results we must first eliminate and cut out various aspects of our daily habits in order to truly move forward. He refers to the 80/20 Principle to reinforce his belief that, like a real life supernova, we must first contract inward before we can expand outward. 

Action Steps

I am lucky to have had mentors that told me from the beginning that keeping in contact with clients is one of the most important parts to a successful business. I have had immense success keeping in regular contact with my clients both large and small like the book suggests. Recently one of my smallest clients over the last 4 years became my largest client. Keep in mind we will never be in a situation where treating our clients well will hurt our business. 

This book has given me many new ideas and reinforced various actions I continue to take towards building and servicing my client base. I hope this helps you in your quest in building a business based on promises kept.

I look forward to you taking that first step across your invisible bridge. Enjoy the day my friends!