Are you blending in with everyone else???

At age 12 I had been home-schooled all my life. However, in 7th grade I attended public school for the first time. I knew a few people from my neighborhood, but other than that I knew no one. I was terrified! As I walked to school that first day I could feel my heart racing faster and faster the closer I got to school. All I wanted to do was to be accepted and blend in with my peers.

I vividly remember telling my mom, “I just want to be popular. I just want people to like me.” In her wisdom, my mother shared with me something that changed my life; “James, when the doors of your high school close for the last time it won’t matter how popular you were. All that matters is how you treated others and what you accomplished in the classroom.”

I am so thankful that she helped keep me from blending in with everyone else.

In our latest #ibbtop3 interview with Zachary Fenell, entrepreneur and author of Off Balanced  and Rock Realities. He shares his top 3 keys to success and how they can help all of us take our lives and our careers to the next level. Zachary discusses his struggle to “blend in” as a young man with cerebral palsy. However, he has found that embracing who he is and striving to help others has helped him accomplish more than he ever thought possible. Watch the video to find out how Zachary even got Hulk Hogan to get on board using his top 3 keys!

His top 3 are…

  1. Define Your Success
  2. Teamwork
  3. Don’t Blend In, BLEND OUT!

My fellow leaders, there is so much we all have to offer. Dig deep down into what makes you different. The only way to stand out in the world of business is to BLEND OUT!

Make it happen and enjoy the day!


— James Schleicher