Are you neglecting one of your greatest assets?

Many successful businesses start with very little financial capital. However, they usually have a high level of “social capital.”

This extremely valuable “asset” can often be overlooked and untapped if you aren’t reminding yourself to utilize it. Ultimately, PEOPLE will ALWAYS be your greatest asset.

This weekend I worked a local event in my community and was reminded of this. The majority of random people passing by your booth don’t know you,  don’t like you,  and don’t trust you. It can be extremely frustrating if you’re expecting complete strangers to immediately sign up for your service or purchase your product unless they are specifically seeking it or you have caught them at the perfect time in their life that they coincidentally need it. However, the exposure and awareness building is very important for the longevity of your business.

Utilize your social capital to RECONNECT. I’ve been very blessed to have met some amazing people in my life and I love catching up with them.

Take some time to go through your phone, your social media connections, old yearbooks, etc. Who have you been meaning to reconnect with?

Who do you know that can benefit from reconnecting with you and will be able to benefit from you promoting them in the community?

A friend of mine once said, “Your net worth is directly proportionate to your network.”

Like anything in business you have to make it happen. Otherwise your business will never grow and your network won’t do anything for your net worth. Help the people you care about get what they want and you’ll find that over time you’ll have everything you need.

Don’t wait. Reach out to them NOW. You’ll BOTH be happy you did.

Looking forward to your continued success my friends.

Enjoy the day!